Linux Computers
fortune: 951 - 960 of 1023 from linux computers
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Oct 23, 2019
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Linux Computers

Fortune: 951 - 960 of 1023 from Linux Computers

Linux Computers:  951 of 1023

Windows Airlines:
The terminal is very neat and clean, the attendants all very attractive, the
pilots very capable. The fleet of Learjets the carrier operates is immense.
Your jet takes off without a hitch, pushing above the clouds, and at 20,000
feet it explodes without warning.
Linux Computers:  952 of 1023

Windows NT Beer: Comes in 32-oz. cans, but you can only buy it by the
truckload. This causes most people to have to go out and buy bigger
refrigerators. The can looks just like Windows 3.1 Beer's, but the
company promises to change the can to look just like Windows 95 Beer's --
after Windows 95 beer starts shipping. Touted as an "industrial strength"
beer, and suggested only for use in bars.
Linux Computers:  953 of 1023

Wings of OS/400:
The airline has bought ancient DC-3s, arguably the best and safest planes
that ever flew, and painted "747" on their tails to make them look as if
they are fast. The flight attendants, of course, attend to your every need,
though the drinks cost $15 a pop. Stupid questions cost $230 per hour,
unless you have SupportLine, which requires a first class ticket and
membership in the frequent flyer club. Then they cost $500, but your
accounting department can call it overhead.
Linux Computers:  954 of 1023

With your bare hands?!?
Linux Computers:  955 of 1023

Within a computer, natural language is unnatural.
Linux Computers:  956 of 1023

Work continues in this area.
                -- DEC's SPR-Answering-Automaton
Linux Computers:  957 of 1023

                -- Sir George Bidell Airy, KCB, MA, LLD, DCL, FRS, FRAS
                   (Astronomer Royal of Great Britain), estimating for the
                   Chancellor of the Exchequer the potential value of the
                   "analytical engine" invented by Charles Babbage, September
                   15, 1842.
Linux Computers:  958 of 1023

Would you people stop playing these stupid games?!?!?!!!!
Linux Computers:  959 of 1023

Now it can be told

  In an announcement that has stunned the computer industry, Ken
Thompson, Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan admitted that the Unix
operating system and C programming language created by them is an
elaborate April Fools prank kept alive for over 20 years.  Speaking at
the recent UnixWorld Software Development Forum, Thompson revealed the
  In 1969, AT&T had just terminated their work with the GE/AT&T Multics
project.  Brian and I had just started working with an early release
of Pascal from Professor Nichlaus Wirth's ETH labs in Switzerland and
we were impressed with its elegant simplicity and power.  Dennis had
just finished reading Bored of the Rings, a hilarious National Lampoon
parody of the great Tolkien Lord of the Rings trilogy.  As a lark, we
decided to do parodies of the Multics environment and Pascal.  Dennis
and I were responsible for the operating environment.  We looked at
Multics and designed the new system to be as complex and cryptic as
possible to maximize casual users' frustration levels, calling it Unix
as a parody of Multics, as well as other more risque allusions.

  Then Dennis and Brian worked on a truly warped version of Pascal,
called "A."  When we found others were actually trying to create real
programs with A, we quickly added additional cryptic features and
evolved into B, BCPL and finally C. We stopped when we got a clean
compile on the following syntax:


  To think that modern programmers would try to use a language that
allowed such a statement was beyond our comprehension!  We actually
thought of selling this to the Soviets to set their computer science
progress back 20 or more years.  Imagine our surprise when AT&T and
other US corporations actually began trying to use Unix and C!  It has
taken them 20 years to develop enough expertise to generate even
marginally useful applications using this 1960's technological parody,
but we are impressed with the tenacity (if not common sense) of the
general Unix and C programmer.

  In any event, Brian, Dennis and I have been working exclusively in
Pascal on the Apple Macintosh for the past few years and feel really
guilty about the chaos, confusion and truly bad programming that has
resulted from our silly prank so long ago.

  Major Unix and C vendors and customers, including AT&T, Microsoft,
Hewlett-Packard, GTE, NCR, and DEC have refused comment at this time.
Borland International, a leading vendor of Pascal and C tools,
including the popular Turbo Pascal, Turbo C and Turbo C++, stated they
had suspected this for a number of years and would continue to enhance
their Pascal products and halt further efforts to develop C.  An IBM
spokesman broke into uncontrolled laughter and had to postpone a
hastely convened news conference concerning the fate of the RS-6000,
merely stating "VM will be available Real Soon Now."  In a cryptic
statement, Professor Wirth of the ETH institute and father of the
Pascal, Modula 2 and Oberon structured languages, merely stated that
P. T. Barnum was correct.
Linux Computers:  960 of 1023


    Waka waka bang splat tick tick hash,
    Caret at back-tick dollar dollar dash,
    Bang splat tick dollar under-score,
    Percent splat waka waka number four,
    Ampersand right-paren dot dot slash,
    Vertical-bar curly-bracket tilde tilde CRASH.

    --Fred Bremmer and Steve Kroese

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