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fortune: 637 - 646 of 1105 from linux definitions
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Dec 18, 2018
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Linux Random

Fortune: 637 - 646 of 1105 from Linux Definitions

Linux Definitions:  637 of 1105

mummy, n.:
        An Egyptian who was pressed for time.
Linux Definitions:  638 of 1105

Murphy's Law of Research:
        Enough research will tend to support your theory.
Linux Definitions:  639 of 1105

Murphy's Laws:
        (1) If anything can go wrong, it will.
        (2) Nothing is as easy as it looks.
        (3) Everything takes longer than you think it will.
Linux Definitions:  640 of 1105

Murray's Rule:
        Any country with "democratic" in the title isn't.
Linux Definitions:  641 of 1105

Mustgo, n.:
        Any item of food that has been sitting in the refrigerator so
        long it has become a science project.
                -- Sniglets, "Rich Hall & Friends"
Linux Definitions:  642 of 1105

My father taught me three things:
        (1) Never mix whiskey with anything but water.
        (2) Never try to draw to an inside straight.
        (3) Never discuss business with anyone who refuses to give his name.
Linux Definitions:  643 of 1105

Nachman's Rule:
        When it comes to foreign food, the less authentic the better.
                -- Gerald Nachman
Linux Definitions:  644 of 1105

narcolepulacyi, n.:
        The contagious action of yawning, causing everyone in sight
        to also yawn.
                -- "Sniglets", Rich Hall & Friends
Linux Definitions:  645 of 1105

nerd pack, n.:
        Plastic pouch worn in breast pocket to keep pens from soiling
        clothes.  Nerd's position in engineering hierarchy can be measured
        by number of pens, grease pencils, and rulers bristling in his pack.
Linux Definitions:  646 of 1105

neutron bomb, n.:
        An explosive device of limited military value because, as
        it only destroys people without destroying property, it
        must be used in conjunction with bombs that destroy property.
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