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fortune: 88 - 97 of 147 from linux sports
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Aug 20, 2017
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Linux Sports

Fortune: 88 - 97 of 147 from Linux Sports

Linux Sports:  88 of 147

MARTA WAS WATCHING THE FOOTBALL GAME with me when she said, "You know most
of these sports are based on the idea of one group protecting its
territory from invasion by another group."

"Yeah," I said, trying not to laugh.  Girls are funny.
                -- Jack Handley, The New Mexican, 1988.
Linux Sports:  89 of 147

        Max told his friend that he'd just as soon not go hiking in the hills.
Said he, "I'm an anti-climb Max."
        [So is that punchline.]
Linux Sports:  90 of 147

Most people's favorite way to end a game is by winning.
Linux Sports:  91 of 147

My first baseman is George "Catfish" Metkovich from our 1952 Pittsburgh
Pirates team, which lost 112 games.  After a terrible series against the
New York Giants, in which our center fielder made three throwing errors
and let two balls get through his legs, manager Billy Meyer pleaded, "Can
somebody think of something to help us win a game?"
        "I'd like to make a suggestion," Metkovich said.  "On any ball hit
to center field, let's just let it roll to see if it might go foul."
                -- Joe Garagiola, "It's Anybody's Ball Game"
Linux Sports:  92 of 147

My way of joking is to tell the truth.  That's the funniest joke in the world.
                -- Muhammad Ali
Linux Sports:  93 of 147

Nadia Comaneci, simple perfection.
                -- '76 Olympics
Linux Sports:  94 of 147

Never play pool with anyone named "Fats".
Linux Sports:  95 of 147

Today the East German pole-vault champion became the West German pole-vault
Linux Sports:  96 of 147

Nothing increases your golf score like witnesses.
Linux Sports:  97 of 147

Now there's three things you can do in a baseball game: you can win
or you can lose or it can rain.
                -- Casey Stengel
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