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fortune: 49 - 58 of 147 from linux sports
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Nov 26, 2020
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Linux Sports

Fortune: 49 - 58 of 147 from Linux Sports

Linux Sports:  49 of 147

I guess I've been so wrapped up in playing the game that I never took
time enough to figure out where the goal line was -- what it meant to
win -- or even how you won.
                -- Cash McCall
Linux Sports:  50 of 147

I guess the Little League is even littler than we thought.
                -- D. Cavett
Linux Sports:  51 of 147

I just know I'm a better manager when I have Joe DiMaggio in center field.
                -- Casey Stengel
Linux Sports:  52 of 147

I like your game but we have to change the rules.
Linux Sports:  53 of 147

I never met a man I didn't want to fight.
                -- Lyle Alzado, professional football lineman
Linux Sports:  54 of 147

I realize that today you have a number of top female athletes such as
Martina Navratilova who can run like deer and bench-press Chevrolet
trucks.  But to be brutally frank, women as a group have a long way to
go before they reach the level of intensity and dedication to sports
that enables men to be such incredible jerks about it.
                -- Dave Barry, "Sports is a Drag"
Linux Sports:  55 of 147

I went to the race track once and bet on a horse that was so good that
it took seven others to beat him!
Linux Sports:  56 of 147

I would be batting the big feller if they wasn't ready with the other one,
but a left-hander would be the thing if they wouldn't have knowed it already
because there is more things involved than could come up on the road, even
after we've been home a long while.
                -- Casey Stengel
Linux Sports:  57 of 147

I would rather say that a desire to drive fast sports cars is what sets
man apart from the animals.
Linux Sports:  58 of 147

I'd rather push my Harley than ride a rice burner.
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