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fortune: 81 - 90 of 208 from linux drugs
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May 24, 2022
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Linux Drugs

Fortune: 81 - 90 of 208 from Linux Drugs

Linux Drugs:  81 of 208

If God had intended Men to Smoke, He would have put Chimneys in their Heads.
Linux Drugs:  82 of 208

If I knew what brand [of whiskey] he drinks, I would send a barrel or
so to my other generals.
                -- Abraham Lincoln, on General Grant
Linux Drugs:  83 of 208

If people drank ink instead of Schlitz, they'd be better off.
                -- Edward E. Hippensteel

[What brand of ink?  Ed.]
Linux Drugs:  84 of 208

If you don't drink it, someone else will.
Linux Drugs:  85 of 208

If you drink, don't park.  Accidents make people.
Linux Drugs:  86 of 208

In 1967, the Soviet Government minted a beautiful silver ruble with Lenin
in a very familiar pose -- arms raised above him, leading the country to
revolution.  But, it was clear to everybody, that if you looked at it from
behind, it was clear that Lenin was pointing to 11:00, when the Vodka
shops opened, and was actually saying, "Comrades, forward to the Vodka shops.

It became fashionable, when one wanted to have a drink, to take out the
ruble and say, "Oh my goodness, Comrades, Lenin tells me we should go.
Linux Drugs:  87 of 208

In a bottle, the neck is always at the top.
Linux Drugs:  88 of 208

In a gathering of two or more people, when a lighted cigarette is
placed in an ashtray, the smoke will waft into the face of the non-smoker.
Linux Drugs:  89 of 208

In a whiskey it's age, in a cigarette it's taste and in a sports car
it's impossible.
Linux Drugs:  90 of 208

In vino veritas.
        [In wine there is truth.]
                -- Pliny
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