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fortune: 591 - 600 of 1105 from linux definitions
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Mar 23, 2017
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Linux Fortunes Random

Fortune: 591 - 600 of 1105 from Linux Definitions

Linux Definitions:  591 of 1105

Maslow's Maxim:
        If the only tool you have is a hammer, you treat everything like
        a nail.
Linux Definitions:  592 of 1105

Mason's First Law of Synergism:
        The one day you'd sell your soul for something, souls are a glut.
Linux Definitions:  593 of 1105

mathematician, n.:
        Some one who believes imaginary things appear right before your _i's.
Linux Definitions:  594 of 1105

Matz's Law:
        A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking.
Linux Definitions:  595 of 1105

May's Law:
        The quality of correlation is inversly proportional to the density
        of control.  (The fewer the data points, the smoother the curves.)
Linux Definitions:  596 of 1105

McEwan's Rule of Relative Importance:
        When traveling with a herd of elephants, don't be the first to
        lie down and rest.
Linux Definitions:  597 of 1105

McGowan's Madison Avenue Axiom:
        If an item is advertised as "under $50", you can bet it's not $19.95.
Linux Definitions:  598 of 1105

Meade's Maxim:
        Always remember that you are absolutely unique, just like everyone else.
Linux Definitions:  599 of 1105

Meader's Law:
        Whatever happens to you, it will previously
        have happened to everyone you know, only more so.
Linux Definitions:  600 of 1105

meeting, n.:
        An assembly of people coming together to decide what person or
        department not represented in the room must solve a problem.
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