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fortune: 541 - 550 of 1105 from linux definitions
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May 26, 2017
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Linux Fortunes Random

Fortune: 541 - 550 of 1105 from Linux Definitions

Linux Definitions:  541 of 1105

Lemma:  All horses are the same color.
Proof (by induction):
        Case n = 1: In a set with only one horse, it is obvious that all
        horses in that set are the same color.
        Case n = k: Suppose you have a set of k+1 horses.  Pull one of these
        horses out of the set, so that you have k horses.  Suppose that all
        of these horses are the same color.  Now put back the horse that you
        took out, and pull out a different one.  Suppose that all of the k
        horses now in the set are the same color.  Then the set of k+1 horses
        are all the same color.  We have k true => k+1 true; therefore all
        horses are the same color.
Theorem: All horses have an infinite number of legs.
Proof (by intimidation):
        Everyone would agree that all horses have an even number of legs.  It
        is also well-known that horses have forelegs in front and two legs in
        back.  4 + 2 = 6 legs, which is certainly an odd number of legs for a
        horse to have!  Now the only number that is both even and odd is
        infinity; therefore all horses have an infinite number of legs.
        However, suppose that there is a horse somewhere that does not have an
        infinite number of legs.  Well, that would be a horse of a different
        color; and by the Lemma, it doesn't exist.
Linux Definitions:  542 of 1105

leverage, n.:
        Even if someone doesn't care what the world thinks
        about them, they always hope their mother doesn't find out.
Linux Definitions:  543 of 1105

Lewis's Law of Travel:
        The first piece of luggage out of the chute doesn't belong to anyone,
Linux Definitions:  544 of 1105

Liar, n.:
        A lawyer with a roving commission.
                -- Ambrose Bierce, "The Devil's Dictionary"
Linux Definitions:  545 of 1105

        one who tells an unpleasant truth.
                -- Oliver Herford
Linux Definitions:  546 of 1105

Lie, n.:
        A very poor substitute for the truth, but the only one
        discovered to date.
Linux Definitions:  547 of 1105

Lieberman's Law:
        Everybody lies, but it doesn't matter since nobody listens.
Linux Definitions:  548 of 1105

life, n.:
        A whim of several billion cells to be you for a while.
Linux Definitions:  549 of 1105

life, n.:
        Learning about people the hard way -- by being one.
Linux Definitions:  550 of 1105

life, n.:
        That brief interlude between nothingness and eternity.
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