Linux Goedel
fortune: 25 - 34 of 54 from linux goedel
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May 22, 2019
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Linux Goedel

Fortune: 25 - 34 of 54 from Linux Goedel

Linux Goedel:  25 of 54

Oatmeal raisin.
Linux Goedel:  26 of 54

Linux Goedel:  27 of 54

Pardon this fortune.  Database under reconstruction.
Linux Goedel:  28 of 54

Pick another fortune cookie.
Linux Goedel:  29 of 54

Please ignore previous fortune.
Linux Goedel:  30 of 54

Since before the Earth was formed and before the sun burned hot in space,
cosmic forces of inexorable power have been working relentlessly toward
this moment in space-time -- your receiving this fortune.
Linux Goedel:  31 of 54

Sorry, no fortune this time.
Linux Goedel:  32 of 54

The fortune program is supported, in part, by user contributions and by
a major grant from the National Endowment for the Inanities.
Linux Goedel:  33 of 54

There is no such thing as fortune.  Try again.
Linux Goedel:  34 of 54

This fortune cookie program out of order.  For those in desperate need,
please use the program "randchar".  This program generates random
characters, and, given enough time, will undoubtedly come up with
something profound.  It will, however, take it no time at all to be
more profound than THIS program has ever been.
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