Linux Goedel
fortune: 6 - 15 of 54 from linux goedel
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Feb 16, 2019
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Linux Goedel

Fortune: 6 - 15 of 54 from Linux Goedel

Linux Goedel:  6 of 54

Chocolate chip.
Linux Goedel:  7 of 54

                        DELETE A FORTUNE!
Don't some of these fortunes just drive you nuts?!
Wouldn't you like to see some of them deleted from the system?
You can!  Just mail to `fortune' with the fortune you hate most,
and we'll make sure it gets expunged.
Linux Goedel:  8 of 54

Did you know about the -o option of the fortune program?  It makes a
selection from a set of offensive and/or obscene fortunes.  Why not
try it, and see how offended you are?  The -a ("all") option will
select a fortune at random from either the offensive or inoffensive
set, and it is suggested that "fortune -a" is the command that you
should have in your .profile or .cshrc. file.
Linux Goedel:  9 of 54

Do not read this fortune under penalty of law.
Violators will be prosecuted.
(Penal Code sec. 2.3.2 (II.a.))
Linux Goedel:  10 of 54

For 20 dollars, I'll give you a good fortune next time ...
Linux Goedel:  11 of 54

For some reason, this fortune reminds everyone of Marvin Zelkowitz.
Linux Goedel:  12 of 54

Fortune's current rates:

        Answers                         .10
        Long answers                    .25
        Answers requiring thought       .50
        Correct answers                 $1.00

        Dumb looks are still free.
Linux Goedel:  13 of 54

Generic Fortune.
Linux Goedel:  14 of 54

Ginger snap.
Linux Goedel:  15 of 54

Has anyone realized that the purpose of the fortune cookie program is to
defuse project tensions?  When did you ever see a cheerful cookie, a
non-cynical, or even an informative cookie?
        Perhaps inadvertently, we have a channel for our aggressions.  This
still begs the question of whether the cookie releases the pressure or only
serves to blunt the warning signs.

        Long live the revolution!
        Have a nice day.
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