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fortune: 165 - 174 of 208 from linux drugs
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Apr 11, 2021
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Linux Drugs

Fortune: 165 - 174 of 208 from Linux Drugs

Linux Drugs:  165 of 208

The telephone is a good way to talk to people without having to offer
them a drink.
                -- Fran Lebowitz, "Interview"
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The verdict of a jury is the a priori opinion of that juror who smokes
the worst cigars.
                -- H. L. Mencken
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The voluptuous blond was chatting with her handsome escort in a posh
restaurant when their waiter, stumbling as he brought their drinks,
dumped a martini on the rocks down the back of the blonde's dress.  She
sprang to her feet with a wild rebel yell, dashed wildly around the table,
then galloped wriggling from the room followed by her distraught boyfriend.
A man seated on the other side of the room with a date of his own beckoned
to the waiter and said, "We'll have two of whatever she was drinking."
Linux Drugs:  168 of 208

The water was not fit to drink.  To make it palatable, we had to add whiskey.
By diligent effort, I learned to like it.
                -- Winston Churchill
Linux Drugs:  169 of 208

"The whole world is about three drinks behind."
                -- Humphrey Bogart
Linux Drugs:  170 of 208

The wise and intelligent are coming belatedly to realize that alcohol, and
not the dog, is man's best friend.  Rover is taking a beating -- and he should.
                -- W.C. Fields
Linux Drugs:  171 of 208

There are more old drunkards than old doctors.
Linux Drugs:  172 of 208

There are only two kinds of tequila.  Good and better.
Linux Drugs:  173 of 208

There are two problems with a major hangover.  You feel
like you are going to die and you're afraid that you won't.
Linux Drugs:  174 of 208

There be sober men a'plenty, and drunkards barely twenty; there are men
of over ninety who have never yet kissed a girl.  But give me the rambling
rover, from Orkney down to Dover, we will roam the whole world over, and
together we'll face the world.
                -- Andy Stewart, "After the Hush"
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