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Jan 18, 2019
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Linux Drugs

Fortune: 184 - 193 of 208 from Linux Drugs

Linux Drugs:  184 of 208

Vermouth always makes me brilliant unless it makes me idiotic.
                -- E.F. Benson
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We don't smoke and we don't chew, and we don't go with girls that do.
                -- Walter Summers
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What scoundrel stole the cork from my lunch?
                -- J.D. Farley
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When all else fails, pour a pint of Guinness in the gas tank, advance
the spark 20 degrees, cry "God Save the Queen!", and pull the starter knob.
                -- MG "Series MGA" Workshop Manual
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When I drink, *everybody* drinks!" a man shouted to the assembled bar patrons.
A loud general cheer went up.  After downing his whiskey, he hopped onto a
barstool and shouted "When I take another drink, *everybody* takes another
drink!"  The announcement produced another cheer and another round of drinks.
        As soon as he had downed his second drink, the fellow hopped back
onto the stool.  "And when I pay," he bellowed, slapping five dollars onto
the bar, "*everybody* pays!"
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When I heated my home with oil, I used an average of 800 gallons a year.  I
have found that I can keep comfortably warm for an entire winter with
slightly over half that quantity of beer.
                -- Dave Barry, "Postpetroleum Guzzler"
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When I sell liquor, it's called bootlegging; when my patrons serve
it on silver trays on Lake Shore Drive, it's called hospitality.
                -- Al Capone
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When the cup is full, carry it level.
Linux Drugs:  192 of 208

When the going gets tough, the tough go grab a beer.
Linux Drugs:  193 of 208

        While riding in a train between London and Birmingham, a woman
inquired of Oscar Wilde, "You don't mind if I smoke, do you?"
        Wilde gave her a sidelong glance and replied, "I don't mind if
you burn, madam."
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