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Mar 23, 2019
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Linux Love

Fortune: 5 - 14 of 151 from Linux Love

Linux Love:  5 of 151

Absence in love is like water upon fire; a little quickens, but much
extinguishes it.
                -- Hannah More
Linux Love:  6 of 151

Absence is to love what wind is to fire.  It extinguishes the small,
it enkindles the great.
Linux Love:  7 of 151

All the passions make us commit faults; love makes us commit the most
ridiculous ones.
                -- La Rochefoucauld
Linux Love:  8 of 151

Always there remain portions of our heart into which no one is able to enter,
invite them as we may.
Linux Love:  9 of 151

Bondage maybe, discipline never!
                -- T.K.
Linux Love:  10 of 151

Distrust all those who love you extremely upon a very slight acquaintance
and without any visible reason.
                -- Lord Chesterfield
Linux Love:  11 of 151

Don't despair; your ideal lover is waiting for you around the corner.
Linux Love:  12 of 151

Falling in Love
        When two people have been on enough dates, they generally fall in
love.  You can tell you're in love by the way you feel: your head becomes
light, your heart leaps within you, you feel like you're walking on air,
and the whole world seems like a wonderful and happy place.  Unfortunately,
these are also the four warning signs of colon disease, so it's always a
good idea to check with your doctor.
                -- Dave Barry
Linux Love:  13 of 151

Falling in love is a lot like dying.  You never get to do it enough to
become good at it.
Linux Love:  14 of 151

Finish the sentence below in 25 words or less:

        "Love is what you feel just before you give someone a good ..."

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