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fortune: 608 - 617 of 622 from linux science
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Oct 17, 2018
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Linux Random

Fortune: 608 - 617 of 622 from Linux Science

Linux Science:  608 of 622

Xerox never comes up with anything original.
Linux Science:  609 of 622

Ya'll hear about the geometer who went to the beach to catch some
rays and became a tangent ?
Linux Science:  610 of 622

"Yeah, but you're taking the universe out of context."
Linux Science:  611 of 622

        "Yes, let's consider," said Bruno, putting his thumb into his
mouth again, and sitting down upon a dead mouse.
        "What do you keep that mouse for?" I said.  "You should either
bury it or else throw it into the brook."
        "Why, it's to measure with!" cried Bruno.  "How ever would you
do a garden without one?  We make each bed three mouses and a half
long, and two mouses wide."
        I stopped him as he was dragging it off by the tail to show me
how it was used...
                -- Lewis Carroll, "Sylvie and Bruno"
Linux Science:  612 of 622

        "Yo, Mike!"
        "Yeah, Gabe?"
        "We got a problem down on Earth.  In Utah."
        "I thought you fixed that last century!"
        "No, no, not that.  Someone's found a security problem in the physics
program.  They're getting energy out of nowhere."
        "Blessit!  Lemme look...  <tappity clickity tappity>  Hey, it's
there all right!  OK, just a sec...  <tappity clickity tap... save... compile>
There, that ought to patch it.  Dist it out, wouldja?"
                -- Cold Fusion, 1989
Linux Science:  613 of 622

You are a taxi driver.  Your cab is yellow and black, and has been in
use for only seven years.  One of its windshield wipers is broken, and
the carburetor needs adjusting.  The tank holds 20 gallons, but at the
moment is only three-quarters full.  How old is the taxi driver?"
Linux Science:  614 of 622

You can not get anything worthwhile done without raising a sweat.
                -- The First Law Of Thermodynamics

What ever you want is going to cost a little more than it is worth.
                -- The Second Law Of Thermodynamics

You can not win the game, and you are not allowed to stop playing.
                -- The Third Law Of Thermodynamics
Linux Science:  615 of 622

You can take all the impact that science considerations have on funding
decisions at NASA, put them in the navel of a flea, and have room left
over for a caraway seed and Tony Calio's heart.
                -- F. Allen
Linux Science:  616 of 622

You can't cheat the phone company.
Linux Science:  617 of 622

You cannot have a science without measurement.
                -- R. W. Hamming
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