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fortune: 57 - 66 of 203 from linux education
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Aug 20, 2018
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Linux Random

Fortune: 57 - 66 of 203 from Linux Education

Linux Education:  57 of 203

Fourteen years in the professor dodge has taught me that one can argue
ingeniously on behalf of any theory, applied to any piece of literature.
This is rarely harmful, because normally no-one reads such essays.
                -- Robert Parker, quoted in "Murder Ink",  ed. D. Wynn
Linux Education:  58 of 203

Going to church does not make a person religious, nor does going to school
make a person educated, any more than going to a garage makes a person a car.
Linux Education:  59 of 203

Good day to avoid cops.  Crawl to school.
Linux Education:  60 of 203

Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths good theatre.
                -- Gail Godwin
Linux Education:  61 of 203

Graduate life: It's not just a job.  It's an indenture.
Linux Education:  62 of 203

Graduate students and most professors are no smarter than undergrads.
They're just older.
Linux Education:  63 of 203

He that teaches himself has a fool for a master.
                -- Benjamin Franklin
Linux Education:  64 of 203

"He was a modest, good-humored boy.  It was Oxford that made him insufferable."
Linux Education:  65 of 203

He who writes with no misspelled words has prevented a first suspicion
on the limits of his scholarship or, in the social world, of his general
education and culture.
                -- Julia Norton McCorkle
Linux Education:  66 of 203

[He] took me into his library and showed me his books, of which he had
a complete set.
                -- Ring Lardner
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