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fortune: 241 - 250 of 460 from linux art
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Jun 24, 2021
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Linux Art

Fortune: 241 - 250 of 460 from Linux Art

Linux Art:  241 of 460

Mike:   "The Fourth Dimension is a shambles?"
Bernie: "Nobody ever empties the ashtrays.  People are SO inconsiderate."
                -- Gary Trudeau, "Doonesbury"
Linux Art:  242 of 460

Minnie Mouse is a slow maze learner.
Linux Art:  243 of 460

Modern art is what happens when painters stop looking at girls and persuade
themselves that they have a better idea.
                -- John Ciardi
Linux Art:  244 of 460

Mos Eisley Spaceport; you'll not find a more wretched collection of
villainy and disreputable types...
                -- Obi-wan Kenobi, "Star Wars"
Linux Art:  245 of 460

Mr. Rockford, this is the Thomas Crown School of Dance and Contemporary
Etiquette.  We aren't going to call again!  Now you want these free
lessons or what?
                -- "The Rockford Files"
Linux Art:  246 of 460

Mr. Rockford?  Miss Collins from the Bureau of Licenses.  We got your
renewal before the extended deadline but not your check.  I'm sorry but
at midnight you're no longer licensed as an investigator.
                -- "The Rockford Files"
Linux Art:  247 of 460

Mr. Rockford?  This is Betty Joe Withers.  I got four shirts of yours from
the Bo Peep Cleaners by mistake.  I don't know why they gave me men's
shirts but they're going back.
                -- "The Rockford Files"
Linux Art:  248 of 460

Mr. Rockford?  You don't know me, but I'd like to hire you.  Could
you call me at...  My name is... uh...  Never mind, forget it!
                -- "The Rockford Files"
Linux Art:  249 of 460

My advice to you, my violent friend, is to seek out gold and sit on it.
                -- The Dragon to Grendel, in John Gardner's "Grendel"
Linux Art:  250 of 460

My band career ended late in my senior year when John Cooper and I threw my
amplifier out the dormitory window.  We did not act in haste. First we
checked to make sure the amplifier would fit through the frame, using the
belt from my bathrobe to measure, then we picked up the amplifier and backed
up to my bedroom door.  Then we rushed forward, shouting "The WHO!  The
WHO!" and we launched my amplifier perfectly, as though we had been doing it
all our lives, clean through the window and down onto the sidewalk, where a
small but appreciative crowd had gathered.  I would like to be able to say
that this was a symbolic act, an effort on my part to break cleanly away
from one state in my life and move on to another, but the truth is, Cooper
and I really just wanted to find out what it would sound like.  It sounded
                -- Dave Barry, "The Snake"
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