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fortune: 401 - 410 of 460 from linux art
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Jun 24, 2021
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Linux Art

Fortune: 401 - 410 of 460 from Linux Art

Linux Art:  401 of 460

TV is chewing gum for the eyes.
                -- Frank Lloyd Wright
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Unprovided with original learning, unformed in the habits of thinking,
unskilled in the arts of composition, I resolved to write a book.
                -- Edward Gibbon
Linux Art:  403 of 460

Use an accordion.  Go to jail.
                -- KFOG, San Francisco
Linux Art:  404 of 460

Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds
sang there except those that sang best.
                -- Henry Van Dyke
Linux Art:  405 of 460

Very few people do anything creative after the age of thirty-five.  The
reason is that very few people do anything creative before the age of
                -- Joel Hildebrand
Linux Art:  406 of 460

 VII. Certain bodies can pass through solid walls painted to resemble tunnel
      entrances; others cannot.
        This trompe l'oeil inconsistency has baffled generations, but at least
        it is known that whoever paints an entrance on a wall's surface to
        trick an opponent will be unable to pursue him into this theoretical
        space.  The painter is flattened against the wall when he attempts to
        follow into the painting.  This is ultimately a problem of art, not
        of science.
VIII. Any violent rearrangement of feline matter is impermanent.
        Cartoon cats possess even more deaths than the traditional nine lives
        might comfortably afford.  They can be decimated, spliced, splayed,
        accordion-pleated, spindled, or disassembled, but they cannot be
        destroyed.  After a few moments of blinking self pity, they reinflate,
        elongate, snap back, or solidify.
  IX. For every vengeance there is an equal and opposite revengeance.
        This is the one law of animated cartoon motion that also applies to
        the physical world at large.  For that reason, we need the relief of
        watching it happen to a duck instead.
   X. Everything falls faster than an anvil.
        Examples too numerous to mention from the Roadrunner cartoons.
                -- Esquire, "O'Donnell's Laws of Cartoon Motion", June 1980
Linux Art:  407 of 460

Watch all-night Donna Reed reruns until your mind resembles oatmeal.
Linux Art:  408 of 460

Watch your mouth, kid, or you'll find yourself floating home.
                -- Han Solo
Linux Art:  409 of 460

We don't like their sound.  Groups of guitars are on the way out.
                -- Decca Recording Company, turning down the Beatles, 1962
Linux Art:  410 of 460

We have art that we do not die of the truth.
                -- Nietzsche
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