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fortune: 131 - 140 of 150 from linux kids
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Jun 24, 2021
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Linux Kids

Fortune: 131 - 140 of 150 from Linux Kids

Linux Kids:  131 of 150

Toddlers are the stormtroopers of the Lord of Entropy.
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Troubles are like babies; they only grow by nursing.
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        Two parent drops spent months teaching their son how to be part of the
ocean.  After months of training, the father drop commented to the mother drop,
"We've taught our boy everything we know, he's fit to be tide."
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We are all born charming, fresh and spontaneous and must be civilized
before we are fit to participate in society.
                -- Judith Martin, "Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly
                   Correct Behaviour"
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We are the people our parents warned us about.
Linux Kids:  136 of 150

What really shapes and conditions and makes us is somebody only a few of
us ever have the courage to face: and that is the child you once were,
long before formal education ever got its claws into you -- that
impatient, all-demanding child who wants love and power and can't get
enough of either and who goes on raging and weeping in your spirit till
at last your eyes are closed and all the fools say, "Doesn't he look
peaceful?" It is those pent-up, craving children who make all the wars
and all the horrors and all the art and all the beauty and discovery in
life, because they are trying to achieve what lay beyond their grasp
before they were five years old.
                -- Robertson Davies, "The Rebel Angels"
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What's done to children, they will do to society.
Linux Kids:  138 of 150

When childhood dies, its corpses are called adults.
                -- Brian Aldiss
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When I was 16, I thought there was no hope for my father.  By the time I was
20, he had made great improvement.
Linux Kids:  140 of 150

When you were born, a big chance was taken for you.
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