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Jun 24, 2021
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Linux Kids

Fortune: 51 - 60 of 150 from Linux Kids

Linux Kids:  51 of 150

I hate babies.  They're so human.
                -- H.H. Munro
Linux Kids:  52 of 150

I know what "custody" [of the children] means.  "Get even."  That's all
custody means.  Get even with your old lady.
                -- Lenny Bruce
Linux Kids:  53 of 150

I love children.  Especially when they cry -- for then someone takes them away.
                -- Nancy Mitford
Linux Kids:  54 of 150

I opened the drawer of my little desk and a single letter fell out, a
letter from my mother, written in pencil, one of her last, with unfinished
words and an implicit sense of her departure.  It's so curious: one can
resist tears and "behave" very well in the hardest hours of grief.  But
then someone makes you a friendly sign behind a window... or one notices
that a flower that was in bud only yesterday has suddenly blossomed... or
a letter slips from a drawer... and everything collapses.
                -- Letters From Colette
Linux Kids:  55 of 150

I tell ya, I was an ugly kid.  I was so ugly that my dad kept the kid's
picture that came with the wallet he bought.
                -- Rodney Dangerfield
Linux Kids:  56 of 150

I told my kids, "Someday, you'll have kids of your own."  One of them said,
"So will you."
                -- Rodney Dangerfield
Linux Kids:  57 of 150

I used to think I was a child; now I think I am an adult -- not because
I no longer do childish things, but because those I call adults are no
more mature than I am.
Linux Kids:  58 of 150

I was born because it was a habit in those days, people didn't know
anything else ... I was not a Child Prodigy, because a Child Prodigy is
a child who knows as much when it is a child as it does when it grows up.
                -- Will Rogers
Linux Kids:  59 of 150

If a child annoys you, quiet him by brushing his hair.  If this doesn't
work, use the other side of the brush on the other end of the child.
Linux Kids:  60 of 150

If parents would only realize how they bore their children.
                -- G.B. Shaw
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