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fortune: 74 - 83 of 150 from linux kids
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Mar 21, 2019
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Linux Kids

Fortune: 74 - 83 of 150 from Linux Kids

Linux Kids:  74 of 150

Lies!  All lies!  You're all lying against my boys!
                -- Ma Barker
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Life does not begin at the moment of conception or the moment of birth.
It begins when the kids leave home and the dog dies.
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Life is a sexually transmitted disease with 100% mortality.
Linux Kids:  77 of 150

Life is like a diaper -- short and loaded.
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Literature is mostly about having sex and not much about having children.
Life is the other way around.
                -- David Lodge, "The British Museum is Falling Down"
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Maturity is only a short break in adolescence.
                -- Jules Feiffer
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May you have many beautiful and obedient daughters.
Linux Kids:  81 of 150

May you have many handsome and obedient sons.
Linux Kids:  82 of 150

MEMORIES OF MY FAMILY MEETINGS still are a source of strength to me.  I
remember we'd all get into the car -- I forget what kind it was -- and
drive and drive.

I'm not sure where we'd go, but I think there were some bees there. The
smell of something was strong in the air as we played whatever sport we
played.  I remember a bigger, older guy whom we called "Dad."  We'd eat
some stuff or not and then I think we went home.

I guess some things never leave you.
                -- Jack Handley, The New Mexican, 1988.
Linux Kids:  83 of 150

Microwaves frizz your heir.
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