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Dec 12, 2017
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Freebsd Fortunes Random

Fortune: 246 - 255 of 1340 from Freebsd Fortunes 7

Freebsd Fortunes 7:  246 of 1340

What passes for woman's intuition
is often nothing more than man's transparency.
Freebsd Fortunes 7:  247 of 1340

What publishers are looking for these days isn't radical feminism.
It's corporate feminism -- a brand of feminism designed to sell books
and magazines, three-piece suits, airline tickets, Scotch, cigarettes
and, most important, corporate America's message, which runs:  Yes,
women were discriminated against in the past, but that unfortunate
mistake has been remedied; now every woman can attain wealth, prestige
and power by dint of individual rather than collective effort.
                -- Susan Gordon
Freebsd Fortunes 7:  248 of 1340

What really shapes and conditions and makes us is somebody only a few
of us ever have the courage to face:  and that is the child you once
were, long before formal education ever got its claws into you -- that
impatient, all-demanding child who wants love and power and can't get
enough of either and who goes on raging and weeping in your spirit
till at last your eyes are closed and all the fools say, "Doesn't he
look peaceful?"  It is those pent-up, craving children who make all
the wars and all the horrors and all the art and all the beauty and
discovery in life, because they are trying to achieve what lay beyond
their grasp before they were five years old.
                -- Robertson Davies, "The Rebel Angels"
Freebsd Fortunes 7:  249 of 1340

What sane person could live in this world and not be crazy?
                -- U.K. LeGuin
Freebsd Fortunes 7:  250 of 1340

What scoundrel stole the cork from my lunch?
                -- J.D. Farley
Freebsd Fortunes 7:  251 of 1340

What segment's this, that, laid to rest
On FHA0, is sleeping?
What system file, lay here a while      This, this is ","
While hackers around it were weeping?   Accounting file for everyone.
                                        Dump, dump it and type it out,
                                        The file, the highseg of login.
Why lies it here, on public disk
And why is it now unprotected?
A bug in incant, made it thus.          Mount, mount all your DECtapes now
And copy the file somehow, somehow.     The problem has not been corrected.
                                        Dump, dump it and type it out,
                                        The file, the highseg of login.
                -- to Greensleeves
Freebsd Fortunes 7:  252 of 1340

What sin has not been committed in the name of efficiency?
Freebsd Fortunes 7:  253 of 1340

What soon grows old?  Gratitude.
                -- Aristotle
Freebsd Fortunes 7:  254 of 1340

What, still alive at twenty-two,
A clean upstanding chap like you?
Sure, if your throat 'tis hard to slit,
Slit your girl's, and swing for it.
Like enough, you won't be glad,
When they come to hang you, lad:
But bacon's not the only thing
That's cured by hanging from a string.
So, when the spilt ink of the night
Spreads o'er the blotting pad of light,
Lads whose job is still to do
Shall whet their knives, and think of you.
                -- Hugh Kingsmill
Freebsd Fortunes 7:  255 of 1340

What the deuce is it to me?  You say that we go around the sun.  If we went
around the moon it would not make a pennyworth of difference to me or my work.
                -- Sherlock Holmes, "A Study in Scarlet"
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