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Mar 21, 2018
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Freebsd Random

Fortune: 109 - 118 of 202 from Freebsd Startek

Freebsd Startek:  109 of 202

Pain is a thing of the mind.  The mind can be controlled.
                -- Spock, "Operation -- Annihilate!" stardate 3287.2
Freebsd Startek:  110 of 202

Peace was the way.
                -- Kirk, "The City on the Edge of Forever", stardate unknown
Freebsd Startek:  111 of 202

Power is danger.
                -- The Centurion, "Balance of Terror", stardate 1709.2
Freebsd Startek:  112 of 202

Prepare for tomorrow -- get ready.
                -- Edith Keeler, "The City On the Edge of Forever",
                   stardate unknown
Freebsd Startek:  113 of 202

Punishment becomes ineffective after a certain point.  Men become
                -- Eneg, "Patterns of Force", stardate 2534.7
Freebsd Startek:  114 of 202

Respect is a rational process
                -- McCoy, "The Galileo Seven", stardate 2822.3
Freebsd Startek:  115 of 202

Romulan women are not like Vulcan females.  We are not dedicated to
pure logic and the sterility of non-emotion.
                -- Romulan Commander, "The Enterprise Incident",
                   stardate 5027.3
Freebsd Startek:  116 of 202

                -- The Gorn, "Arena", stardate 3046.2
Freebsd Startek:  117 of 202

Sometimes a feeling is all we humans have to go on.
                -- Kirk, "A Taste of Armageddon", stardate 3193.9
Freebsd Startek:  118 of 202

Sometimes a man will tell his bartender things he'll never tell his doctor.
                -- Dr. Phillip Boyce, "The Menagerie" ("The Cage"),
                   stardate unknown.
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